Monday, May 10, 2010


We use labels that never quite fit—
pick any one you like.

We convince ourselves and others
that our movement
is right
is worth your consideration
your dollars.

Maybe you just observe in awe and admiration.
I did, as when I first
pulled padded spandex up my legs
stretched strident colors over my head
Who was I to wear this costume?

We talk of Nature
and do un-natural things in her defense
hurtling our bodies through space
defying gravity in both directions
ascending in pain
descending in fear
cursing, at times, the very elements
of heat and cold, wind and water
we exalt with our sacrifice in our almost naked quest.

The more we defy you the more we
stand in awe of you
unlike those whose great machines
and bulwarks give a false sense of

We feel you.
We are you.
We face you and feel your face angrily
indifferently, lovingly
returning our gaze.
We have no illusion of supremacy.
Our connection to you
connects us to all that exists.
That is why the poet says
we do not need names.
That is his way of saying
we are

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